January 13, 2019

Staging Tips

10 Ways to Prep Your Home!

If your home is on the market, it’s time to detach emotionally and view it as a “Product.”

Remember, first impressions are difficult to change. 

Make them count

Important Note:  Buyers who are ready to purchase already know your competition.  By staging BEFORE placing it on the market, you will have your best shot of obtaining an offer quickly.

1.  Curb Appeal– If it doesn’t look good in internet pictures or on a drive-by, you can be sure buyers won’t put you at the top of the list to view.  Proper lawn care and trimming must be maintained the entire time your home is on the market.  Put away lawn care tools. Hide trash cans. Put away toys.  Brighten up with flowers or greenery. White flowers stand out in photographs.

2.  Declutter – Don’t distract buyers with all your stuff!  Since you’re moving anyway, pack up or dispose of unnecessary items.  Clear off those counters.  Buyers will look in closets and drawers, so clean these out, too!  (We recommend no more than 2/3 full)

3.   Repair & Clean – This is key!  Everything from top to bottom must be spotless to let your home shine (don’t forget to keep it clean).  All repairs should be made prior to selling (or fully disclosed).  

4.  Depersonalize – Pack up personal photos and items that show your religious or political preferences.  You want buyers to be able to visualize themselves in the home – not feel like they are intruding on your personal space.  

5.  Protect Your Identity –  Put away any items that give personal information, including name, bank statements, credit card bills, children’s names, etc.

6.  Neutralize – Make your home appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers by eliminating very strong colors, most wallpaper & wild patterns.  This does not mean paint everything white, which can feel cold and boring!  We can help you select warm, attractive colors with the right undertones to match existing fixtures.

7.  Pack away treasured – Pack away treasured collections collections – Protect the things you love by carefully packing them for storage.  

8.  Check your lighting – Open window coverings (unless there is an unpleasant view).  Clean light fixtures and install new bulbs for brightest light.  Turn on all lights when showing property, including lamps.  Make sure windows & screens are spotless!  Temporarily removing screens may help.

9.  Enhancement – Now it’s time to draw attention to specific areas through the use of design principles such as balance, flow & color.  This is where a professional can make a distinctive difference.  We rearrange furniture, artwork and accessories to make your home function well and appeal to potential buyers.  We also show you how to attract buyer’s emotions by using “emotional connection points.”

10.  Hire a Realtor – A good realtor is worth their weight in gold!  Yes, it costs money to use a realtor, but they can save you time, legal problems and money in the long run.  Proper pricing and marketing are their specialty!  We would be happy to recommend one in your area.